Universel materia

Universel Materia is the Alchemical Collection of Sara Esther. to create this collection inspired by the hermetic world of alchemy, the designer began the spiritual journey of metal and stone, of health and aesthetics . Inspired by a dreamlike and mystical universe, Sara proposes a collection full of beneficial virtues to adorn the wrists of women in the most authentic way. Cast in yellow gold, pink, silver gilt and silver, the bracelets are decorated with precious and semi-precious gemstones, naturally

loaded with energy. this is why sara is as alchemist as jeweler; she sublimates metals, chooses stones fully loaded of energy and infuses beauty and magic in each of her jewels. Each cuff has several diamonds to enhance the energy of the main stone.

sara esther 2016-9012.jpg
La Philosophale

Warrior, Captivating, Queen Color, Powerful

Elixir de vie

Vitamined, Dapper, Explosive, Sociable

De sel et de lumière

Irradiating, Joyful, Tonic, Vivacity


Reassuring, Friendly, Balanced, Revitalized

Once de Mercure

Softness, Fresh, Clean, Aqueous

Deuxième Décan

Creativity, Imagination, Contemplation, Dream

Société Secrète

Mysterious, Hypnotizing, Serenity, Mystical