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Sara Esther

Sara Esther

Sara Esther, young creator: the 26-year-old Belgian jeweller, who trained at the Arts et Métiers school, comes from a family of Brussels based craftsmen jewellers.

Committed to precision work by hand, her creativity was nourished in her parents’ workshop, tucked away in the heart of the house where she grew up. In 2013, after years of artisanal work transforming and creating one-off, commissioned pieces, she launched her own personal collection “Sara Esther”.

A line marked by historical references and a distinguishing touch of humour. Which reflects her commitment to giving fine art jewellery back its nobility; sometimes tarnished by the influence of fashion. Her diverse collections are cast in yellow, rose and white gold, with a matte or brushed finish, and are shaped by her philosophy: to make jewellery accessible, whilst respecting the essential spirit of the craft. Skilfully executed workmanship, made on site, using quality materials.

In her creations, Sara sculpts different types of gold; for her collections and on request she can embellish them with precious and semi-precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, freshwater pearls.

She explores the question of what is precious, bringing the real work of the jeweller into focus. A piece of jewellery, depending on how it is conceived, should be a fashion piece, but also something that you can wear throughout your life, and one day pass on. Sara offers sympathetic and perceptive advice. For a piece of jewellery with soul, she prefers to work “co-creating” in close collaboration with her clients: this differentiates her work from the diverse and very inconsistent quality work which - sometimes hastily – describes itself as fine jewellery. Her “anti-marketing” approach emphasises the true value of things.

Sensitive to the energy of precious materials, she can sense which will suit which person, and when there isn’t a connection, she doesn’t force it. Like a sort of alchemist, she lets the magic of the stones do their work.  

In order to allow everyone to embellish their life’s journey with significant jewellery, Sara offers a payment plan for her youngest customers because, she believes, you should be able to invest in a beautiful piece of jewellery in your twenties, which will accompany you through life.

A young creator, but one who carries within her a whole tradition of craftsmanship, making jewellery that has sense, feeling, and which is born from an authentic desire. Precious, in both senses.



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